ADUSA Supply Chain Launches Program to Engage Next Generation of Supply Chain Leaders

ADUSA Supply Chain Launches Program to Engage Next Generation of Supply Chain Leaders

Date: May 12, 2021

ADUSA Supply Chain is launching a bold program to grow and develop emerging, diverse talent as it continues to transform. Through the new program, called LEAD, ADUSA Supply Chain will establish a comprehensive early talent and university partnership that supports a culture of continuous learning, development and improvement. LEAD – Learning, Education, Academia, Development – aims to create a space where students and recent graduates have the freedom to be creative and are rewarded for out-of-the-box thinking.

"The 'traditional' supply chain is a thing of the past," said Andre Shaw, SVP, Demand Management for ADUSA Procurement and executive co-sponsor of LEAD. "To win today and in the future, supply chains need to work in new ways, leaning into data and technology and developing cultures of continuous improvement and innovation. To do that, we need bright, diverse, developed talent. I'm proud to help launch this program to provide a development opportunity for future and current associates, as well as access new, diverse ways of thinking that will continue to propel the supply chain into the future."

To create the most impact, the Supply Chain LEAD program will have a four-pronged approach to help the next generation of supply chain innovators grow and blossom:

  • University Partnerships: Relationships with colleges and universities to build a pipeline of learning and innovation.
  • Co-Op Program: Best-in-class co-op program that is a sought-after experience for supply chain students and supports emerging skillsets and best practices.
  • Internship Program: Robust, engaging and mutually beneficial internship experiences, giving students meaningful, real-world projects to add to their portfolios.
  • Rotational Program: End-to-end supply chain exposure to develop future leaders and increase employee skills and knowledge.

"What excites me about the program is the comprehensiveness of the approach," said Adrienne Heil, VP, Human Resources for ADUSA Supply Chain Services and executive co-sponsor of LEAD. "We're investing in a holistic strategy because we understand the importance of investing in talent development for the future of the supply chain."

The program builds upon current partnerships with MIT, Penn State and the Roux Institute at Northeastern University and formalizes them into the broader framework for talent engagement. The success of LEAD will be measured through retention, as well as associate engagement scores in the areas of development, opportunities and intent to stay.

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