Program Fundamentals

ADvantage – Developed in collaboration with Ahold Delhaize USA's local brands, ADvantage is designed to drive collaboration with the supplier community that facilitates growth, innovation and efficiency.

Supported by All Brands
The AD in ADvantage represents the support from all Ahold Delhaize USA companies for the program, which delivers a lasting advantage for consumers, suppliers and the local brands.

Reduced Cost to Serve
ADvantage moves relationships between suppliers and Ahold Delhaize USA companies away from punitive measures to a focus on collaboration that reduces the overall cost to serve.


Partner Benefits

  • Support from the ADvantage Partner Team, including access to the ADvantage Support Center and Knowledge Resource Center for streamlined and enhanced issue resolution
  • 100% direct buy from Ahold Delhaize USA's self-distributed supply chain network, which will include 27 warehouses by 2023
  • Exemption from Vendor Inbound Compliance (VIC) efficiency and cut fines (except safety, no-show, and ASN violations)
  • Monthly scorecard for key metrics, driving enhanced performance transparency
  • Enhanced unsaleable/reclamation period reporting and metrics
  • No chargeback for swell gap billings (if applicable)



Program Enablers

Best Talent and Ways of Working
The ADvantage Team includes some of the most talented associates from the supply chain space, supported by senior leadership oversight. These associates have held various roles throughout the organization and industry, equipping them with the knowledge to quickly navigate business challenges, think creatively, and achieve swift resolution through cross-functional collaboration.

Evolved Digital and Analytics
Enhanced digital capabilities to improve the food supply chain, including end-to-end forecasting and replenishment, warehouse management and integrated transportation management.

Integrated Infrastructure
Access to the Ahold Delhaize USA supply chain network, undergoing a $480 million transformation to create an integrated, self-distribution network, committed to driving omnichannel growth with the supplier community.

By working smarter with suppliers through ADvantage, we are creating a new era of supply chain collaboration.


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Launched in January 2021, as part of ADUSA Supply Chain’s supply chain transformation, the ADvantage program includes more than 200 consumer packaged goods (CPG) suppliers partnering with Ahold Delhaize USA companies to innovate supply chain management practices. ADvantage is designed to drive better collaboration between Ahold Delhaize USA companies and suppliers, delivering growth, innovation and efficiency across the supply chain from product origin to a customer’s hands. ADvantage as an industry-leading program when it comes to enabling connectivity, collaboration, analysis, problem-solving, knowledge and dedicated resources. We are always looking opportunities to evolve our relationships with the supplier community through ADvantage. Please click below to find out more information.

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At ADUSA Supply Chain, we believe our associates are today’s superheroes. Our teams span the full spectrum of the supply chain from procurement to traditional and e-commerce distribution, transportation, operations and everything in between. Whether in an office setting or on the distribution center floor, our teams use their superpowers to ensure families in local communities have the essential items they need.

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