Pride Month: Meet Kristina Glanville

Pride Month: Meet Kristina Glanville

Date: Jun 04, 2021

To celebrate Pride Month, ADUSA Distribution took an opportunity to learn about Kristina Glanville, Office Coordinator for the Distribution and Transportation Center in Butner, N.C. In this role, Kristina oversees orientation and onboarding for new ADUSA Distribution and ADUSA Transportation associates. 

For Kristina, June is time to reflect on the history of Pride month. She appreciates how people come together to celebrate self-expression and the LGBTQ+ community's journey. Kristina moved to North Carolina about three years ago and said that she soon encountered a phrase that stuck with her: "Y'all means all." 

"'Y'all means all,'" she shared. "I thought it was a simple way to say, 'Okay, everyone is human. Everybody is the same and different simultaneously, no matter what your race, religion, or sexual orientation is. Pride is a time to celebrate who you are.'" 

Kristina is looking forward celebrating at a local Pride Month parade with her friends. She said some of her friends plan to travel the U.S. and countries abroad to experience the ways others celebrate Pride Month and to learn more about their respective histories.  

To be an ally, she noted that you can choose to learn about the history of Pride Month, hear the stories of those within the LGBTQ+ community, or simply make yourself available to listen to members of the LBGTQ+ community.  

"It's important to support Pride Month in a way that feels comfortable," she added.  

And, while Kristina is grateful for Pride Month and the increased awareness, she shared that it is essential to extend support year-round. 

"We need to listen to understand peoples' struggles, triumphs, you know... Their whole life stories, and how it impacts them every day," she said. 

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